"Don't click the Nazi button"
-Bruce Greene
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"Tommy Likes Corndogs" Wheezing Laugh 1 Wheezing Laugh 2 Wheezing Laugh 3 "We're in Love, You Stupid Bitch"
"Come On Down To Bruce's Gooses" "Hey, What's Your Problem!" "They Don't Own My Asshole" "Some People Call Me Crazy" "I Call Myself Bruce"
"I Love Mexico, What?" "We Get It And Thats It!" "Ska Came Before Ragae" "What the Fuck Are Scrobbles?" "I Wanna Be In the Nazi Army"
"My Farts Don't Smell" "Men Don't Get Scared By Anything" Cartoon Creeping "SON OF A BITCH!" "Stupid, Fat, Hairy Piece Of Shit"
"Fuck I Hate That Sound" "Turn That Shit Off" "HE'S...GOT THE STR POWER!" Bruce in C "They Call It Dizness"
"I Hate Blonde Women" "I Don't Know If We Can Show This" "Hey Bud...Do A Couple Crunches!" "OH DOH FUCKING SHIT" "You're Perpendicular To The Ramp - RESTART!"
Audio clips sourced from various Funhaus videos. Check them out at FunHaus.RoosterTeeth.com & on YouTube